The Wine Country

    Baja welcomes honeymooners, families, well-deservers of weekend getaways, explorers, artists, sport enthusiasts, adventurers, campers, and just about anyone interested in having the many types of grapes and amenities this land has to offer.



Baja California is characterized for producing wine of the highest quality, recognized not only in the region but worldwide. The wine route is located north of Baja California State, consists of more than 65 wineries where you have the chance to taste, know its making process and take a tour on the cellars. L.A. Cetto, Bibayoff, Bodegas Santo Tomas, Monte Xanic, and many others wineries, will be your host. Moreover, you can also find restaurants that will delight your palate with exquisite cuisine, campsites, spas, craft centers, museums where you will learn the history of this beautiful place, boutique hotels that will dazzle you, balloon rides, helicopter and sailboat, wine boutiques, shops with local products, art galleries and natural landscapes that you cannot help but admire. Let yourself be enchanted by the wine route in Baja California.