Cost of Services

    Just as in the United States and other regions, costs of medical services and procedures in Baja vary somewhat from practitioner to practitioner and region to region.



But a general guideline is that medical tourists can save 25 percent to 80 percent here, even when any costs of travel and lodging are included. Depending on the procedure, savings can range from a few hundred to scores of thousands of dollars.

Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of those did so Mexico, many in the Mexican state of Baja California. Medical tourism is growing so quickly that even those numbers might be quite low.

Medical tourism companies and facilitators will provide a complete cost breakdown in advance. Medical tourists making arrangements on their own are advised to obtain costs before procedures are performed.

Many websites provide examples of savings by medical tourists in Baja, but these should be used as estimated guidelines. Always obtain advance quotes from the provider you are considering.