For what restaurants mean in the life of their chefs, sometimes, they might even seem like “children” to them. If we use this analogy, La Esperanza Baja Med Restaurant is the latest “child” birthed by renowned chef Miguel Angel Guerrero.

Even though it’s only a few months since it’s opening, it has quickly become one of the new favorite restaurant hangouts for Valle de Guadalupe locals looking for unique foodie experiences

At La Esperanza Baja Med you will find an industrial interior design, large glass doors and a terrace overlooking the mountains, L.A. Cetto vineyards, olive trees and pepper trees. Convenient facilities from the farthest corner in the restaurant to the inviting terrace.

The food ranges from Hibiscus flower tacos to more elaborate dishes straight from their grill. It is important to note that chef Miguel Angel is one of the forerunners of the BajaMed cuisine. He has represented not only the city, but also the State and even the country in different events of great importance.

A MUST is asking for the hunt/fish of the day and the house Shot Mixto prepared with shrimp octopus and oysters, with a touch of vodka, beer and oriental sauce.

The restaurant was nominated in the short list of “2015 Best New Restaurants in Mexico" by Gourmet Travel + Leisure Awards. A place that has definitely caught the attention of locals, tourists and renowned magazines.

Plan your visit and discover why this is one of the MUST see places in 2015 and for years to come. Enjoy these unique experiences in the Valle de Guadalupe and remember: Drink Mexican wine!