The experience of eating seafood can be very different for each person. While some enjoy elaborate dishes that incorporate various sea products, there are those who find pleasure in the simplicity of a fish taco, especially while visiting the city of Ensenada. The good news is that in this coastal town, you can find a plethora of options to satisfy any craving!

If you are traveling through Baja California, we give you the top 5 places you MUST visit in Ensenada if you fancy seafood:


If you want to try mouthwatering seafood dishes, while sitting back and enjoying the view of this impressive port, then head to Muelle 3, where the cuisine of Chef David Martinez is waiting to offer you an extensive menu with dishes such as; risotto frutti- di-mare, the house ceviche, octopus tiradito, and oysters-brûlée!

Suggestion: Pair your meal with any of the craft beers offered in the restaurant, like a Pilsner from Agua Mala Brewery.


This restaurant opened over 15 years ago under the creative leadership of chefs Benito Molina and Solange Muris (yes, you recognize them for their show in the Utilísima Network), who have since endeavor to redefine how diners eat seafood. For this reason, they have created recipes with hint of Mediterranean cuisine influence that incorporate fresh local produce from Baja California. A fusion you cannot miss!

Suggestion: As an entree order Bahía Falsa medium sized oysters prepared in Mignonette sauce, from an oyster farm located in the Bay of San Quintin.


40 years of tradition in the city make this well-known establishment stand out. Offering an extensive menu; from a fresh shrimp cocktail, a Tostada Especial to a savory Taco Gobernador or an appetizing Pescado Sarandeado straight from the grill. We are sure you will find a delicious dish to satisfy your taste buds!

Suggestion: Don’t dare leave without trying their Clams-au-gratin. A favorite of locals and those who visit town.


If you are looking to savor a great meal while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere, music and delicious cocktails (very touristy-like), then Mahi-Mahi is the place for you! This is the ultimate scene visitors think of when looking to enjoy a typical seafood restaurant in Mexico.

Suggestion: Ask your server for the most popular combo plate: Classic Ensenada style fish tacos, paired with a Clamachela (a prepared clamato + clams + tequila + beer).


It’s been said that the best places are those that do not need any advertising, and if you get to visit the Mariscos "El Guero" cart you will realize what we are talking about. Once you see the amount of people that gather around this street cart, you’ll just want to check it out!

Among the great features that make this cart stand out, making it a MUST for anyone visiting Ensenada, are the high quality of products, the large portions served on their famous tostadas or seafood cocktails, the speedy service and to top it off… the friendliness of their staff.

Suggestion: You can’t go and not try one of their very popular Tostada Especial. This summer, indulge yourself with food that distinguishes our state: seafood!